EPAC Boys Basketball Tourney
Melrose High (Jan. 5, 6, 7)

Greyhound Arena, Portales (Jan. 8, 9)


  First round   Second round   Semifinals   Finals
      1 TEXICO 66  
      MELROSE 49   Blank.JPG
  8 MELROSE 63         TEXICO 64  
  9 SAN JON 43         FORT SUMNER 29   Blank.JPG
  4 DORA   32
  5 FORT SUMNER 82       FORT SUMNER 66  
  12 KING’S GATE 19           TEXICO 38
        FLOYD 22
      2 TATUM 52     Blank.JPG
        ELIDA 41   Blank.JPG
  7 ELIDA 61         TATUM 33
  10 CLOVIS CHRISTIAN 39         FLOYD 42  
  3 FLOYD 45
  6 LOGAN 50       LOGAN 43  
  11 GRADY 42  



Click here for the EPAC Boys All-Tournament Team Selections! 


Welcome to the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, where the winter sees men and women dressed in cowboy apparel not only in the countryside but in the gym as well. Every year, bragging rights among the smaller schools is up for grabs in the EPAC tournaments. The Eastern Plains Athletic Conference, this year, has expanded. The usuals – Texico, Fort Sumner, Logan, San Jon, Melrose, Floyd, Dora and Elida – will be there. But Grady and House have merged into one team while Clovis Christian and Tatum have been added into the mix.

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