August 20-22, 2009
Mack Chase Soccer Complex
Artesia, New Mexico

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  Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals
    CARLSBAD 3  
    LOS LUNAS 1  
      CARLSBAD 4  
      BERNALILLO 0  
        CARLSBAD 0
    HOBBS 5  
    MORIARTY 0  
      HOBBS 2
    CLOVIS 0

The annual girls soccer tournament in Artesia, which is staged on the first weekend of the New Mexico prep sports schedule for the new school year, is actually two tournaments. At the Mack Chase Sports Complex, an “A” tournament is played at the same time as a “B” tourney (this year’s “B” participants include host Artesia, Deming, Silver, Robertson, Roswell, Portales and East Mountain) and that makes the Artesia tournaments one of the biggest gatherings of girls high school teams in the state each year.


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