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Know this guy?
It’s Steve Sanders, Chief of Police for the City of Clovis


That’s his day job.
At the EPAC Tournament at night, Sanders looks a little more like this…


Hey, isn’t it tough enough to argue with a regular official?
Just kidding Steve…We mean, Mr. Sanders…
Uh, Chief Sanders.

Listen close and you can hear the lessons from the cheerleaders along the baseline.

“R-E, R-E-B, R-E-B-O-U-N-D, Re-Bound” (clap, clap) “Re-Bound”

How ’bout this oldie, but goodie?

“R-O-W-D-I-E, that’s the way we spell Rowdy. Rowdy, Let’s get rowdy.”

Well, okay, maybe that last one isn’t such a good example of proper spelling.

And here’s another one (good example – not): “L-E-T-S-G-O, Let’s Go, Let’s Go. L-E-T-S-G-O, (pause) LET’S GO!”

Hey, in the spelling part of that one, whatever happened to the apostrophe?

At the EPAC tournament lies perhaps the best chance to rectify this sad situation, so we think. We happen to know that the Texico cheerleading instructor is an English teacher, so here goes (if we can just get her to teach her troops). It’s a chance to cheer and, as well,  teach proper grammar and punctuation to the spectators at the same time.

Ready?: “L-E-T, A-POS-TROPHY, S-G-O Let’s Go (clap)”


Everybody now…

Ready? O-kay! (clap)

Upon relocating the annual EPAC tournaments to Greyhound Arena in Portales (from Melrose, where games were played the first three days), we felt like our longtime suggestion for the concession stand surely would’ve finally taken hold.

But, alas, the folks at Eastern still refuse to call their hot dogs by the names that would make those babies jump off the warmer: The Hound Dog.

Hey y’all… Eastern New Mexico University’s nickname is the GreyHOUND and surely you should sell hot DOGs at a concession stand. We’re just saying… Gimmicks appeal to hungry college students. Maybe you’d have a few more attend games if, when hit by the munchies, they would say, ‘Hey, let’s go get us a HOUND DOG!”

And watch a ballgame too…